From Torreón, a desperate mother comes to Mazatlán to look for her missing son


The young man about whom there is no information went to the port together with a woman to spend a weekend, but since Saturday communication with him has been lost

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Sad and desperate is the mother of a young man from Torreón who visited the port of Mazatlán together with a woman and who, since last Saturday at noon, supposedly left for their place of origin, their whereabouts are unknown.

Lilian Quiñónez Nava extends the call to the corresponding authorities and the South Zone Prosecutor to provide support to locate her son who was traveling aboard a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta car, unfortunately, the unit does not have a GPS locator and in a matter of the cellphones, teams were informed that they are subject to a permit to enter and search.

“I don’t know who has it, far from it, but I want to make a call to you that in case someone has it, I don’t know, some revenge, I don’t know, I’m talking like this, I want to tell you if you have my son I make the change, give me my son and I do what you need, that is, that is what you want ”.

The woman along with another of her children went to Mazatlán to file the corresponding complaint and similarly search the railings and hospitals, but so far the results of their search are negative.

The desperate mother launches her energetic request for the society that has witnessed and knows something to send the information to the emergency numbers.


The Mazatlan Post