Is Mazatlan going to go after spring breaker vacationers?


Entrepreneur assures that the destination is growing and developing, but that it is necessary to raise the level to attract tourism with more purchasing power

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Although Mazatlán is very well positioned at the national level, much remains to be done in the international field and mainly to rescue markets that have been lost, said Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas

The national president of the Young Entrepreneurs of Canirac said that the American and Canadian tourists who visit Mazatlán are of advanced age because most of them came to Mazatlan as a spring breaker

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“Right now we see that a lot of Canadians and Americans come, most who visit us are elderly, because we must remember that most of them came to Mazatlán on college tours, it is one of the markets that we lost,” he said.

He commented that the sector and the authorities must continue to attract a new international market in order to compete with Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

“I believe that Mazatlán is already prepared to have an offer at least in the gastronomic and entertainment sector, we are renewing ourselves and we are giving a new face,” he said.

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The businessman indicated that investors are betting on Mazatlán as a destination that is growing and developing, but there is still much to do, he even announced that there are two shopping malls in the Golden Zone with restaurants of national and international brands.

“In the matter of national tourism we are very advanced now, the most important thing is to continue raising the level to the destination to continue attracting tourism with more purchasing power so that it continues to raise not only the restaurant issue but also in the hotel industry, ” he concluded.

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