Sinaloa get ready, today you will have heavy rains!


Rainfall will focus during most of the day and will tend to generalize during the late evening to the entire state of Sinaloa

Cloudy skies during the day with very heavy rains with electric shocks and probable hail fall, as well as mild weather in the morning and warm in the afternoon, are forecast for this Monday, September 6 in the state of Sinaloa

The National Weather Service in its forecast of the weather for this day, stresses that accumulated rainfall could average between 50 and 75 millimeters, this due to a low-pressure area associated with atmospheric instability and the wide penetration of moisture from the Pacific.

It will be one more day in which the intense heat that had been registered a few days ago, will lessen, giving way to these torrential rains that have been established for four days in the region.

The areas where these conditions will focus during the course of the morning are: El Fuerte, Choix and the municipality of Sinaloa, which have been registering significant cloudiness and electrical discharges, and even hail fall. 

If you need to check the forecast in your municipality, we suggest you consult the SMN system here

For its part, the service warns of suffocating humid heat in Sinaloa; forecast a day with cloudy skies and heavy thunderstorms during the afternoon-night. It also foresees minimum temperatures of 24 degrees and maximum of 32; the levels of solar radiation and UV rays will be high of 8 points at 2:00 in the afternoon

The following graph shows the extended forecast of for the main ones in Sinaloa today, September 6, 2021.

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