Hurricane Nora uncovers problems in the southern Sinaloa basin


The environmentalist, Sandra Guido Sánchez, director of Conselva highlighted the importance of not deforesting and keeping the region of the water ‘producing’ zone healthy

Concordia, Sinaloa.- The passage of hurricane “Nora” through southern Sinaloa reactivated the Baluarte and Presidio rivers and thus exposed the severe problem faced by the basins due to the lack of vegetation since the “chocolatey” currents generate problems even in the work of the drinking water boards for bringing the liquid to the homes.

Sandra Guido Sánchez, director of the Conselva, Coasts and Communities Civil Association, specified that the absence of green cover with deep roots generates water erosion, a process in which rain damages the soil with a displacement of a large amount of sediment through water, which, in the case of the Presidio River, ends at the Picachos dam, causing complications in the water treatment plants, therefore, limiting the distribution service.

“Destapa” Hurricane “Nora” problems in the southern Sinaloa basin

I explain that currently, erosion in the Presidio basin is 15.6 tons per hectare, while in the Baluarte basin it is 21.3 tons, but due to its steep slopes, its erosion potential can rise to 294 and 370 tons per hectare, respectively.

“Destapa” Hurricane “Nora” problems in the southern Sinaloa basin

Guido Sánchez said that the degradation of the basins in the south of the entity reduces their capacity to capture water, affecting the level of dams and springs, which impacts the water supplies of the general population, therefore it is important to carry out reforestation work not only on trees but also on shrubs and grass, whose roots contribute to soil retention to avoid the impact of water erosion in the rainy season.


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