Fundación Coppel, Coppel Luken and Marina Mazatlán support those affected by Hurricane Nora


There will be general support for victims

The disaster areas are defined by the Mexican Federation

Fundación Coppel

After making the call to businessmen to support victims of Nora’s passage in Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres shared that he received a positive response from Fundación Coppel, Coppel Luken, to help with support, highlighting that he is waiting for the support that they offer.

In addition, he presumed that they received a donation from Marina Mazatlán to join the cause.

Desarrollos Turísticos Marina Mazatlán - Terrenos en Marina Mazatlán

“I made a commitment to the entrepreneurs who give them in cash to give them a list of what their money was invested in with names, telephone numbers so that they can verify that it was really used.”

When asked if there will be support for farmers, he assured that all people, in general, will be supported, as resources reach them, adding that they are yet to know how the federation will also support them.

“It takes 72 hours for the Federation to respond and they are doing their best, today we are going to know how they are going to support us.”

Faced with complaints from the population due to the lack of drinking water that has affected different areas for more than a week, the mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, commented that due to the rains a canal that comes from the Los Horcones water treatment plant was broken, which caused the flooding of El Pozole and many other rural areas.

On the other hand, given the problem of water supply that Mazatlán is experiencing, he emphasized that Mazatlán that problem was also going to leave it without water since the repair is not carried out from one day to the next and it would have been weeks of not having water.

The water has already been restored, he commented, however, some tanks were empty and this is due to the lack of potable water that has existed.

He added that the pipes of all the towns that did not have water were also replaced due to the effects of Hurricane Nora.


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