Complaints against Mazatlan police for denying access to enter businesses made


State Human Rights Commission investigates 5 cases filed by citizens in August

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Before the local offices of the State Human Rights Commission, in the southern part of the state, citizens who have not been able to get vaccinated against Covid-19 for different reasons have filed 5 complaints against the municipal authority for prohibiting them the access to facilities, including shopping centers and businesses, said the manager of the Vice-Province of the ECHR, Fermín Núñez Millán.

He said that so far this year, this visitaduría has received a total of 77 complaints or denunciations, mainly against elements and corporations of Municipal Public Security, the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Ministry, and railing courts.

80% of the complaints refer to complaints of arbitrary detentions, physical abuse, and lack of results or inactivity in crime investigations.

He commented that in the month of August, of the 13 complaints that were filed for alleged violations of human rights against citizens, 5 were against the municipal authority of Mazatlán due to the requirement of the vaccination certificate in access to centers commercial and business of the locality.

“ We received a total of 5 complaints at the beginning of August, we are currently integrating important information into the investigations, and we are analyzing that information; We do not receive them on the same day, but on different days, each one keeps its special characteristic for some reason for which they have not been vaccinated or in the place where they were requested, we are analyzing everything, the complaints are against the municipal authority “, express.

He said that these complaints will be followed up for the authority to resolve, as there are many citizens of Mazatlán who have not yet been vaccinated for different reasons, unrelated to their person.

Núñez Millán pointed out that the public security corporations are followed in complaints by alleged acts of violation of human rights, the Office of the Attorney for the Protection of Girls, Boys, and Adolescents, the municipal DIF, the Directorate of Ecology and Environment, among other agencies .


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