The city hides information about new construction that is being built in Mazatlán


In just 350 linear meters on the Paseo Claussen, four rental buildings are announced, one of them with 18 floors

Mazatlán, Sin.- The arrival of a new condominium tower has the residents of the Los Pinos neighborhood concerned because for months they have expressed their disagreement with the construction of these enormous buildings, mainly due to the insufficiency of public services and the use of land, which was changed to convenience in order to carry out these real estate projects in a residential area.

They have complained of irregularities to Planning, they have requested information about procedures and permits in Transparency, they reported to the Procurator Trustee, they have also sought advice from Implan, and everywhere the response is slow or minimal.

The settlers, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, point out that they recently discovered very dubious things about these projects that are all built in front of the sea, at the foot of Paseo Claussen.

They mention that when they make a request to Transparency, requiring the demolition and construction permits for the towers, they always put obstacles in their way; when a format is not wrong, some data is wrong, but they found that the projects are registered with new or invented addresses, so when they specify the address, they never find them.

” Looking for the official address in Planning, there is nothing, we realized, through the Punta Bahía project, that they are registering them with a different number, this project is with the number 1300 Paseo Cluausen, when in that section (between Calle Jabonería and Las Palmas) are pure letters, that’s how it was handled before, “they mentioned.

They believe that it is done on purpose, by the real estate companies, because in case the neighbors want to claim or request a document, it will take time to find the correct address, while they buy time to obtain the corresponding permits.

Neighbors of Los Pinos complain about the failure of public services. 

” It is like a barrier that they are putting on us, we do not know if it is legal or if they do it to camouflage and waste time to people regarding whether they have permits or not, ” they added.

The land use, they report, was changed between 2014 and 2015, as it was typified as a residential area, in addition to having always been characterized as a quiet neighborhood.

” When they want to change the use of land, they should ask all the neighbors if they agree or not, that is what they say they did, but they did not ask us anything when was it? people who said yes, “they questioned.


Currently, in Los Pinos there is already a tower that rents its apartments, it is Boca del Cielo, on the corner of Calle Fortín.

Later, on the corner of Calle Laurel, the construction of a “sister” tower, Boca del Mar, is already announced.

At that same height, but on the other side of the street, on Monday morning the neighbors were surprised that the house that was there was demolished; the Litoral Ocen Condos tower is already announced.

At the corner of Calle Jabonería, the Punta Bahía tower is being built, which had already been reported to be built on a spring of water.

“This house that they are demolishing, belonged to an American who came to invest here in Mazatlan for its tranquility, he sold it and left, many are already selling when they see that nothing is being done, because the houses are being left in the middle of the towers, with all the inconvenience that this implies, “they indicated.

” These towers are not born from a need for accommodation for the Mazatlan, to say that there is a great need for housing and that is why they are building in a silly way, this is for vacation rental, for tourism that comes on weekends, tourism of riot, noise, partying, drunkenness and we are driving away other types of tourism or expatriates who had chosen Mazatlán for their quality of tranquility, “added one of the affected neighbors.


Neighbors of Los Pinos have expressed their dissatisfaction with the construction of huge buildings, mainly due to the insufficiency of public services and the use of land, which was changed to convenience in order to carry out these real estate projects in a residential area.


Process of urban and social rehabilitation of a depressed or deteriorated urban area, which causes a gradual displacement of the impoverished residents of the neighborhood by others of a higher social and economic level.


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