Alert! The impact of projected Hurricane Nora will be felt Sunday in Baja Sur & Sinaloa


“Nora” will reach the category of hurricane category on Saturday and from that moment, the projection will be clearer for Sinaloa; the central and northern zones must be prepared for winds with gusts of up to 160 km / h

Sinaloa. – The specialist of the  National Meteorological Service, Libia González, confirmed that Sinaloa will feel the force of the winds and intense rains caused by “Nora” that will reach the category of hurricane one on the morning of Saturday, August 28, and head to Baja California Sur, with a tendency to enter the waters of the Gulf of California

The representative of the National Meteorological Service indicated that the current forecast does not place Sinaloa in the radius of direct impact, that is, that it makes landfall in the state, but with adverse effects due to gusting winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour and rains that may reach 250 millimeters.

“Speaking of a forecast does not indicate that it will touch the region, the cyclone follows the warm waters that are being higher in the Gulf of California, now everything indicates that if it makes landfall it will do so in Baja California Sur and as a tropical storm, it is a prognosis, but the closer the day approaches that we try to see that it touches at some point, until now it will be in Baja California, “he said. 

He stressed that “Nora” could pass at a distance of between 150 to 250 kilometers from the Sinaloa coastline, the effects will already be felt from Sunday, in addition, its effects will continue to appear between Monday or Tuesday, once it enters the Gulf California based on the current model. 

As for the effects, the meteorologist explained, that the entire coast of Sinaloa will maintain strong waves and intense winds; and although they will be felt throughout the state, the areas with the greatest risk are the north and center. 

“There will be generalized rains, the cyclone would pass very close to Sinaloa, the cloud bands will enter practically the entire state and the conditions will be cloudy skies with intensities from strong to very strong; central and northern Sinaloa the strongest, due to its cloud bands, most of the humidity would be putting it right in the center and north of Sinaloa ”, he explained.  

At the moment, the surveillance zone for “Nora” covers only Jalisco, Michoacán to Nayarit, and as it approaches, between Saturday and Sunday, there could be a surveillance zone for hurricanes or cyclones, in Sinaloa and Sonora. 

“As a hurricane one, the sustained winds will be 120 to 240 km / h and gusts of around 160 km / h; The rain forecast for Sinaloa, which is intense rainfall of 150 to 250 liters of water per square meter, if this forecast is fulfilled, the strongest would be on Sunday that reaches those intensities, but Saturday and Monday there will be heavy to very heavy rains , but the largest range on Sunday, “he confirmed.” 

He also commented that when entering the Gulf of California, as well as a hurricane or storm, it is necessary to be very careful in Sinaloa since the center and north will suffer the intensity of winds and rainfall more strongly.

“We must be forewarned, candles, food, not to panic but to prevent ourselves from what may happen. We are talking that it could be the most severe in the north and center, but it does not mean that in the south it does not rain, everything will depend on the proximity to Sinaloa, but remember that the cloud bands now reach the state of Guerrero, State of Mexico and we are speaking that the system, in addition to all of Sinaloa, reaches BCS, Sonora, Durango, southern Chihuahua; that they know the dimensions of what the cloud bands of tropical cyclones cover ”, he highlighted.

In addition, Libia González said that so far there is no model that locates “Nora” in Sinaloa, only its proximity that is projected to confirm the latest forecast, between Sunday and Tuesday on the coastline of Baja California Sur. 


The Mazatlan Post