Carnival Panorama will open the cruise ship season in Mazatlan


Sedectur rejects that people with Covid-19 travel on the boat that will arrive on Wednesday, August 25

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The cruise ship “Carnival Panorama” will arrive at the port on Wednesday, August 25 and with this, the 2021 cruise season begins, which was suspended just over a year ago due to the pandemic, reported Luis Terán Tirado, head of Sedectur.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries of the Government of Mazatlán rejected the information that circulates on social networks that people with Covid-19 travel on this ship, since the shipping companies have been very strict in terms of sanitary protocols.

“It is totally false that people are contaminated on board the cruise ship; cruise ships are very responsible in their actions, people come well checked, vaccinated, with their card; they are lies that contaminated people come on board,” he said.

He mentioned that the ship has a capacity of 5,000 passengers, however, the number of passengers is unknown; What he did detail is that if the ship comes 100 percent, it would leave an economic spill in the port of 5 million 500 thousand pesos.

Terán Tirado called the Mazatlecos not to believe or spread false information, but to celebrate the reactivation of cruise tourism for the good of the port’s economy and its inhabitants.

“I believe that Mazatlán and the people of Mazatlán should be very happy to reactivate this economy, which is why it benefits taxi drivers, restaurants, bars and others, and not be trying to harm the port with negative publicity, and be at any given time Against the economy, which is what Mazatlán needs the most right now that hotel occupancy dropped a bit. “


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