Foreigners leave their table upon hearing banda music in Mazatlán: VIDEO


The controversy of tourists against music on Mexican beaches continues The controversy of tourists against music on Mexican beaches continues, this time capturing how a couple of foreigners annoyingly left their table at a beachside restaurant in Mazatlán because a group of women was listening to Sinaloan banda music.

It was through the TikTok platform where a user known as @Paisana.viajera shared the exact moment when a couple of foreigners, who were at a restaurant in Mazatlán sitting next to her and her group of friends, decided to leave the place because of the music they were listening to.

Foreigners caught on video getting up annoyed from their table upon hearing banda music

The displeasure on the faces of this tourist couple is evident when they notice the noise from the next table, so as seen in the video, they quickly took their things and left the place.

The video that the tiktoker has uploaded twice has so far generated 1.4 million views and more than 37 thousand likes, and the previous version has around a hundred thousand views. It has gone viral across the platform with the openly expressed invitation: “I’m looking for a team to go annoy the gringos.”

In both videos, the debate resurfaces among users who comment on their stance in favor of the freedom to listen to any type of music and defending Mexican traditions: “We are in our country and we can have fun as good Mexicans and of course LONG LIVE the banda and LONG LIVE Mazatlán, yes sir!”, “It’s Mexico, that’s always how it is on the beaches, we are very party-loving and nobody takes that away from us.”

On the other hand, some could not avoid pointing out that listening to music loudly just to “annoy” is almost reaching the point of aggression, and some users also emphasized the importance of tourism in Mexico: “Respect and consideration is something that many people do not know, respect for strangers, national tourism, and local businesses”, “Why do they think that the music they listen to will be liked by everyone to play it at that volume. That is annoying for any person”, “Think about the people who will be affected when tourists do not arrive, it provides work for the locals be considerate”; these are some of the most prominent comments.

Source: Uniradio Informa