Mazatlán is ready to receive Carnival cruise ships tourist next week


The Carnival Panorama will arrive on August 24 at 60% of its capacity; passengers are vaccinated and to go down to port they must present their certificate

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Restaurants and shops in Mazatlán are getting ready to receive cruise ship tourists who will arrive in Mazatlán aboard the Carnival Panorama cruise on August 24.

Almost a year and a half after cruise ships canceled their trips due to the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism service providers eagerly await the reactivation of this sector.

Roberto Osuna, captain of waiters at a restaurant in Olas Altas, said that the arrival of the cruise ship will be the litmus test in compliance with the protocols and that the constant arrival of ships will depend on it.

Even the handicraft vendors have already cleaned their premises in the cruise terminal of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Mazatlán and are only waiting to be informed of the health and safety protocols to be implemented to comply with them, while the taxi drivers say they will attend all instructions and protocols for your health and that of the passengers.

The Secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros, said that the cruise with capacity for five thousand passengers and crew will arrive in Mazatlán only at 50 or 60% of its capacity and under strict health protocols in the face of the SARS virus pandemic- COV-2.

He explained that 95% of cruise passengers are vaccinated against Covid-19 and in order to get off the ship they will have to present their certificate and a negative test, as established by the health guidelines applied by the API.

“I want to clarify it very well, it has capacity for 5 thousand cruise passengers, but it does not mean that the five thousand will come, until the day it sets sail is when we know exactly. We believe that between 50 and 60% are coming, and we are expecting 15 or 20% to go down to port ”, he said.

To go down to port, cruise passengers will have to present their Covid-19 vaccination certificate. 

He clarified that the Ministry of Tourism cannot confirm that more arrivals are coming to Mazatlán, because they are still only the intentions of the shipping lines

“There is a list of intentions of 97 arrivals from August to December, but the outlook is uncertain due to the issue of the pandemic and everything will depend on the results of the first arrival,” he concluded.


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