Afghanistan Update from former resident and now Mazatlan Expat, How can you Help?


Afghan Update:

Things are scary in Afghanistan, and people are hiding. The families with young daughters are afraid that the Taliban will knock on their door, asking for their daughters to take them and marry them. This is what happened in the past. One of the former teachers of the Kabul Beauty School said they will put their daughter in a hole in the ground where they used to store extra food if the Taliban knock on their door.

I am working 24/7, trying to evacuate my staff along with their family. All hairdressers have closed their salons.

People have been asking how to help. I have a non-profit. 100% of the money collected will go to help resettle the people we get out. We will also help the staff locked in their house unable to work. The situation is very fluid and things are changing fast.

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The staff of Kabul Beauty School desperately need our help. Now!!!

Posters of women in Beauty Salon windows are being painted over as the Taliban seized Kabul. The women of Afghanistan are already being erased.

The Taliban’s incursion into Kabul means the Beauty School’s entire staff and their children are in danger. They fear not only the loss of their freedoms but also their lives. They need help from all of us in order to leave the country as quickly as possible. This effort takes financial resources.

Please help the women and their children with a donation in any amount.

Every dollar raised by Oasis Rescue will go directly to the staff and families of the Beauty School to facilitate their escape and help them in resettling.

This is a very long process.

Your help is needed to support the people of Afghanistan in this terrible time of need. Please give as generously as you can.

Deborah Rodriguez
President, Oasis Rescue-The Kabul Beauty School

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