La Santa Muerte “watches over” Agricultores Boulevard in Culiacán; City Council will clean altars


The secretary of the Culiacán City Council, Othón Herrera, reported that this cleaning measure will also apply to cenotaphs that are installed without prior authorization on public roads.

“Any construction or work, be it of a religious nature or any manifestation of ideas, that is done on public roads, needs the permission of the City Council. What does not have a permit, must be removed, it is not against the expression of ideas of someone, but it is a regulation that requires a permit to put anything on the public highway, “he said.

Finally, Othón Herrera and Cairo Yarahuán stressed that it will be the decision of the Urban Development and Ecology area of ​​the City Council, whether the altar of Santa Muerte will remain or be removed from the boulevard, which bothers the neighbors.


The Mazatlan Post