No date set for a Metrobus in Mazatlán; very soon, says the Mayor


However, in the campaign Benítez Torres assured that from this June 9 he would work on the project, but to date there is nothing concrete

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.– Culiacán will already start with the first stage of the new Public Transportation System, better known as metrobús, Reacción Informativa asked the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, when will this model of public transport come to Mazatlán.

This, after Benítez Torres, brought it as one of the main campaign proposals in his race for reelection to the municipal presidency of Mazatlán.

However, this morning Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres said he had no date to crystallize this project.

“Very soon too just as in Culiacán, very soon, soon, soon,” he told Reacción Informativa.

In an interview with Reacción Informativa by the then re-election candidate Benítez Torres, he announced a new transportation service for Mazatlan, which he described as a triumph for the inhabitants of the port.

“A new transportation service is coming that is going to be a change in the life of Mazatlán. We should not wait for the number of vehicles that arrive for tourists to over-run us, it already causes serious problems for the Mazatlecos; We already think about the route we have designed for what is coming, a cheap transport that will not clash with the traditional ones, “he explained at the time.

On that occasion, he said that he would begin working on the project from June 9, the remaining three years plus the three of his new municipal administration, because “I love my city and it is the city that I dreamed of.”


The Mazatlan Post