Inauguration of the “Malecon for the Poor” in Mazatlan over 32 million pesos invested


Mazatlán, Sin.- After almost eight months of work, the Circunvalación avenue on the shores of the Estero del Infiernillo, was inaugurated this Saturday by the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel; the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and the secretary of Public Works , Osbaldo López Angulo.

In order to beautify this marginalized area, dignify the neighboring colonies and take advantage of the natural beauty it offers, this project, also known as ” Malecón de Los Pobres “, was launched .

López Angulo commented that it was a work highly desired by its inhabitants and recalled that 32 million pesos were invested in it.

“It is a very long-awaited, very special work; it is a work of 1,150 meters in length, 32 million pesos were invested, all the drinking water and drainage facilities were installed, of course, the lighting, six crossings were made of water, six sewers in the mouth of the street, “he commented.

Ordaz Coppel expressed that since he was very young he had “nailed” the issue of the Estero del Infiernillo, since his father, the architect Quirino Ordaz Luna, when he was municipal president in Mazatlán, promoted the connectivity and mobility of this area by building the Rio Piaxtla street.


“There was still a great debt with this area, which is a beautiful avenue because it borders the estuary, to have this beauty and not take advantage of it and give social benefit to all these people who live here, it is really a greater dignity and quality of life,” he said. .

On the other hand, Benítez Torres, announced that the beautification of the area will continue with trees and planting as well as the construction of a pier, to make this place a new tourist attraction and that people can go rowing in boats.


The Mazatlan Post