In Sinaloa, hospitals are overwhelmed by COVID and nobody stops having BBQ says, Deputy


The local deputy Karla Montero narrates her bustle through public and private hospitals begging to be treated because she was infected with coronavirus, but there are no spaces available or having money to pay

Sinaloa.- The government does not care about anything and allows the parties and roasted carnitas to continue, while hospitals, laboratories, and businesses that distribute oxygen are overflowing with so many infected people, and she experienced it firsthand because She was begging to be admitted to a hospital, but there is no room, said deputy Karla Montero Alatorre. 

She explained that she has followed the prevention recommendations, but even so, she is currently one of the people suffering from coronavirus in Sinaloa. At the moment her oxygenation level is good, but her lungs reflect pneumonia and she wants a space in a hospital for adequate monitoring because from one moment to another her condition could be complicated. 

“Going from hospital to hospital to hospital begging for a CT scan, begging for free medical care, whatever the cost, right now not even the money is worth it, because there is no hospitalization in private clinics, they do not have spaces for COVID-19, in fact in the Angeles Hospital did not want me to receive or do a CT scan, ”he said. 

The local legislator called on citizens to take care of themselves, not to forget the use of face masks, the application of antibacterial gel, the healthy distance and go to get vaccinated on the days that they have been scheduled by the authority. 

He considered that if there is no cooperation from everyone, it will be difficult to get out of the pandemic that Sinaloa has been in since last year.


The Mazatlan Post