The sale and rent of oxygen continues to increase in Culiacán


Not only did Covid-19 infections increase in Sinaloa due to the third wave, but also the need to get an oxygen concentrator

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- After the number of infections by Covid-19 increased and with it the sale and rental of oxygen concentrators in Culiacán, Grupo Infra continues with large lines of people and cars even at the end of week.


In a visit by Reacción Informativa to the store that sells and rents oxygen for medicinal use, a long line of cars was observed, another of people with a tank on their side, some large and others small, on the other side of the line. People were observed with a folder in hand, where they included all the documentation to obtain a contract.

Among the people, there was a man who could barely move a tank, ensuring that it is already customary for him because he has been filling it daily for 15 days.


“I come every day to fill two tanks for my compadre who is very ill, he has already been like this for 15 days,” he said.

He mentioned that he had learned from his “comadre” that the State Congress demanded from the Sinaloa government support for the affected families.

“Hopefully, God hears us, we go on pure loans because imagine filling two tanks a day.”


It is worth mentioning that the average price of a 5-liter oxygen concentrator in Infra costs around 28 thousand pesos. If it is rented, the deposit has a cost of 4 thousand pesos, plus 850 pesos for the content and 600 pesos per month.

The state has created a shortage in the provision of oxygen tanks for patients with Covid-19 who have treatment at home.


The Mazatlan Post