Four people were rescued from the sea in Mazatlan, but one dies


The emergency activated the protocols of the Aquatic Squad and paramedics from a private clinic to the Cerritos area

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The lack of respect for the recommendations of the lifeguards on the part of the people who remain on the beaches after the closure continues to produce regrettable statistics, Sunday night was that of a lifeless man.

The report in which they requested support to rescue four people with difficulty getting out of the sea in the Cerritos area alerted the elements at approximately 8:04 p.m., upon arrival they managed to save two men, one unfortunately died and yet another managed to leave by his own means.

Paramedics from a private clinic came to the site to provide first aid to the young people, but the maneuvers had no effect on who they said was Efraín, 28, a neighbor of the Los Mangos subdivision.

With the body on the sand, agents of the Aquatic Squad and Civil Protection cordoned off the area to wait for the arrival of expert services to process the area and order the removal of the body to be taken to Semefo, where their relatives will claim it.


The Mazatlan Post