Police receive AMLO in Sinaloa to protest mistreatment


The uniformed men ask AMLO to stop the “mistreatment” of Mayor Jesús Estrada who, they accuse, does not allow them pensions or decent wages

Culiacan Sinaloa. – Due to excessive hours of work, unworthy conditions that do not allow them a retirementbetter salaries, as well as because of the “law of the stick” of which they accuse the mayor, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, the municipal policemen of Culiacán mounted a fair demonstration front at the entrance to the El Sauz military base where this morning the president of Mexico,  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will hold his “morning” conference in Sinaloa

The contingent of municipal policemen was kept from an early hour in the access to the enclosure, where with banners and cards, they asked AMLO to intervene and help them to end what they consider to be mistreatment of the mayor, of whom he says, he wants to make his will violating the law at all times.

Iván Durán, the spokesman for the police that remain in protest, said that they will try to deliver a document to the President of the Republic in which all the abuses committed by the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro are indicated. 

“He does not pay the seniority premium, the moches he makes on the checks, as well as a series of abuses, as well as recently he made it compulsory for the companions to sign a document in which they renounce their rights; retired, many commitment checks are being held that they have not signed yet, ”he said.

He reiterated that the mayor is protecting himself so that no police can sue him for excessive hours and other irregularities such as signing checks or paying his legal benefits. 

“Estrada Ferreiro’s policy is the law of the stick, where it says ‘if you don’t sign me, I won’t pay you’ and there are still colleagues who have not been paid and have not been paid their fortnight because they have not signed the document they want; there are reports of 60 police officers whose checks have not been paid and have been withheld; some did sign because they have a need and cannot be without receiving their fortnightly salary, “he said. 

Iván Durán hopes that the President of Mexico will be able to attend them and receive the document that also exposes problems that police widows continue to face despite the innumerable promises that have been given to them by various instances.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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