Due to remodeling works, businesses in the Golden Zone of Mazatlán close


Merchants point out that after they broke the sidewalks, 50 stores report zero sales

Mazatlán, Sin.- Since the beginning of the remodeling work on Playa Gaviotas avenue, merchants in the Golden Zone began to have a drop in sales, due to lack of access to vehicles, however, the problem has worsened during the last few days.

The vice president of the Golden Zone Merchants and Entrepreneurs AssociationFrancisco Javier Manzanares Walkers, pointed out that until days ago they still had some customers who came walking to their shops, however, the construction company also broke the sidewalks, which left no access to the entire area and has caused its sales to drop almost 100%.

“The problem, in addition to the street, is that they began to break the sidewalks without removing the stones, the rubble that they leave there and the clientele could no longer go to the businesses, even with the street destroyed there were customers who came to the businesses, but currently, 4-5 days until they broke the sidewalks, they left everything there, “he said.

He revealed that about 50 businesses are directly affected, however, almost 300 businesses and establishments also suffer from the slow progress of the work, so some vendors have been forced to lower the curtains.

He pointed out that they were promised that the work would be quick, however, weeks have passed and they barely broke the concrete, so they ask to hurry so as not to continue having economic losses, especially in times of pandemic.

He commented that since they began to break down the sidewalks, the complaints from the merchants began since they left them without access, neither to the suppliers nor their customers.

“The sidewalks are all burst, full of rubble and you cannot enter the businesses, some have decided to lower their curtains temporarily until the work progresses a little more,” he said.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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