Mazatlan Los Pinos neighbors claim Torre Bahia new condo tower built over natural spring


Citizens assure that the 18-story building that is planned to be built at the foot of Paseo Claussen does not have a permit

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- About a month ago, a group of residents of the Los Pinos neighborhood hung some canvases outside their homes where they demanded that the authorities stop the construction of condominium towers in the settlement, since services such as electricity, water and drainage are already insufficient.

Today, again a neighbor of the neighborhood who requests anonymity denounces the irregularities of the construction of an 18-story tower that claims to be called “Torre Bahía”  just in front of the well-known Pinitos each, at the foot of Paseo Claussen.

The tower is right in front of the well-known Pinitos Beach, at the foot of Paseo Claussen. 

To begin with, on numerous occasions they have requested the project’s construction permit from Transparency, but they only received the demolition permit. After accepting the papers, they were told that the format was not well done, so they made another request, however, the new obstacle was that they did not want to give them proof of that request.

The irregularity that the neighbors have found is that in the area where this tower is built, there is a spring of water. This water vessel emerged with the excavations that were made in the land.

“Below this tower is a spring, where apparently no one is concerned about building an 18-story tower here. We have already reported it to Planning and to the Procurator Trustee, who according to works to get a response from the management”, the neighbor said.

He added that a few years ago the land use of the area was changed to convenience, to allow this type of construction, which, when his parents bought the land, were prohibited.

“Here is a residential area, it could be built, but not an 18-story tower, at least five. This is putting future construction at risk and our houses as well,” he added.

In addition to the effects they already suffer from noise and vibrations from the use of heavy machinery, they fear for the infrastructure of their homes in the future.

“We understand that 40% of this tower has already been sold, we want the future owners to know where they are going to invest and live, with the risk that it will collapse one day, as well as the tower that collapsed in Miami a few days ago. weeks, “he added.

Neighbors of Los Pinos denounce that the excessive construction of vertical towers in the area affects them in the matter of services, since electricity, water and drainage are already insufficient.


The Mazatlan Post