For fear of contagion, Mazatlan beach vendors will stop activities


With the increase in Covid-19 cases and the decrease in the arrival of tourists to Mazatlán, sales barely reach levels of 40%

Mazatlán, Sin.- Given the increase in Covid-19 infections in Mazatlán, beach vendors could temporarily and voluntarily stop activities for fear of contracting the disease.

The general secretary of the Union of Sellers of the federal zone adhering to the CTM, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, said that the six organizations that bring together 800 workers agreed to take a two-week break in which coronavirus infections decrease .

He explained that it would be a part of the sellers who would stop working.

“The beach is not going to go away and health has to be taken care of because in this disease it does attack you strongly, the cost to treat you is very high. Although the beaches are not closed, we ourselves are going to take a break so as not to become infected and our families, we are agreeing that we have to protect ourselves for one or two weeks due to the seriousness of the infections, “he said.

Ríos Rubio added that with the increase in Covid-19 cases and the decrease in the arrival of tourists to Mazatlán, in this holiday period sales barely reach levels of 40%.

“There is a substantial drop in the arrival of tourism, we are careful not to get infected, perhaps there are already some infected colleagues, but until now there have been very serious cases and if we are very concerned about the high infections in Mazatlán”, express.

The union leader pointed out that the organization he represents is made up of 230 vendors and the decision will be made on a voluntary basis, taking into account that the tourist comes very carefree and many of them do not wear face masks.

“It will not be required of anyone, the government has already said that it will not close, and we are raising awareness to take care of ourselves and our families because at the end of the day one is the one who bears the expenses of everything,” he concluded.


There are 6 beach vendor organizations in Mazatlán.

800 workers are part of the six vendor organizations.


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