Sinaloa health unions say restrictions and measures taken are not enough


The union leader expressed that the authorities have belatedly established measures, letting the cases skyrocket

Sinaloa.- The restrictions that the authorities have announced to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus are insufficient, so they should put a stronger hand, said José Luis Castro Montañez, general secretary of the Workers Union National Health Service in Sinaloa.

He pointed out that the measures have been taken late because the mobility of citizens and tourists was allowed without any type of restriction, despite the fact that positive cases were increasing day by day and this caused infections and hospitalizations to skyrocket. .

“I think they should put a stronger hand because, although they have put some restrictions, but everything is still open to the public, they took too long to put certain measures, I think the ones they have put in place now will be insufficient,” he said.

The union leader said that the situation in hospitals with all beds occupied is worrying, the deaths of patients, the lack of oxygen for those who suffer the disease at home, and health workers already exhausted by the great demand that you live on patients.

Castro Montañez called on the authorities to establish stronger measures so that the wave of infections that seems unstoppable can really be stopped.


The Mazatlan Post