Mazatlán’s clubs, bars, and restaurants lower their capacity to 45%


An establishment that does not comply with the measures will be temporarily suspended immediately

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- As part of the adjustment to sanitary measures to face the third wave of Covid-19 infections in the state and in the municipality, local authorities met with managers and representatives of the club, bars and restaurants union to reach various commitments.

Eloy Ruiz Gastelum coordinator of Civil Protection, pointed out that the surveillance in these establishments is going to be toughened; for example, they will be supervised that they are complying with the sanitation of their premises through a sanitation log.

“Supervision will be tightened a bit in all aspects in all senses, they will have to provide the necessary documents to guarantee that the establishments are being cleaned up prior to opening and after closing,” he said.

He added that they will have to rearrange their furniture and have strict and rigorous control over their assistants, since as of this Tuesday, July 20, the allowed capacity is 45%.

“The use of their mask is mandatory, they (managers) leave with the commitment to require their guests or assistants to maintain the use of their mask, as long as they are not eating or drinking, and above all avoid crowds, both inside and outside their establishments, “he added.

The reduction of the forums and the reinforcement of the measures in general also apply to gyms, municipal markets, and tianguis, also for those businesses of the aforementioned sectors in rural areas.

An establishment that does not comply with the aforementioned, highlighted Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, will be temporarily suspended immediately.


The Mazatlan Post