Mazatlan carries out a cleaning campaign on Isla Venados


Authorities, environmental groups, and citizens, in general, remove all kinds of garbage to protect the fauna of the place

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The “ Clean Beaches Sinaloa ” campaign reached Isla Venados in Mazatlán, with the participation of municipal and state authoritiesenvironmental groups and citizens in general.

Isla de venados - Atractivos Turisticos de Mexico

This cleaning program consists of the removal of all kinds of waste left by tourists and locals during their visit to the island, as well as that which the sea brings with it and that can affect marine fauna.

” Since Saturday we have been the people of Operadora de Playas participating in the cleaning of the island, right now it is quite clean, we collected 100 kilos of garbage and we are going to start working on a permanent awareness program regarding the responsible management of garbage”, explained the director of the Beach Operator and Administrator, Roberto Terrones Cortés.

For her part, Isabel Mendoza Camacho, Secretary of Sustainable Development in Sinaloa, said that the cleaning campaign arose from a video that was circulated on networks in which a dirty beach was appreciated.

Photo: Courtesy |  Sedesu

He indicated that only by working together with authorities and citizens, can the “paradises” represented by the beaches be kept clean.

“That we take care of them, we are talking about a protected natural area, for which the supervision should be still and even more, also invite the authorities involved to strengthen the inspection and surveillance operations,” he added.



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