Mexico ranks as the second most attractive country in the world for expatriates


The geographical position, the quality of life, as well as the ease it offers to settle, and the happiness it generates for foreigners, are the most outstanding attributes.

Moving from one country to another implies not only a change in lifestyle, but also in adapting to another type of culture, language, traditions, the pace of work, and of course, understanding any aspect related to safety, both expatriate as well as family members who accompany him in the destination country.

In this sense, both for the company that sends the employee to develop their professional activities to another country and for the expatriate himself, it is a priority to know the advantages that the new place offers in terms of quality and lifestyle, as well as certain aspects regulatory and migratory nature for a smooth stay.

Although derived from the pandemic, a significant number of international assignments had to be canceled or delayed, the truth is that many companies are resuming this type of strategy, adapting to the new reality. In the midst of this panorama, Mexico has positioned itself as one of the countries of greatest interest for the movement of personnel that attends priority business projects, especially due to its strategic position and the competitive advantages that this represents for various operations in productive sectors that They have a close relationship with the US or Latin American market.

According to the study The Best & Worst Places for Expats in 2021 by Expat Insider, Mexico ranks second among 59 destinations worldwide and is rated as the best country for expats, with 85% regarding the ease of settling compared to 62% globally, and 78% of those surveyed said it is easy to make local friends, compared to 44% globally.

Additionally, we identify that Mexico stands out for:

  • Geographical position (proximity to the United States and hub for Latin America)
  • Multiple international treaties
  • Have a legal immigration scheme that allows residence and remote work for the short or long term in an agile way and without so much bureaucracy
  • Provide the possibility of access with family members, who are also granted residence with the option of studying and working.

As vaccination processes advance around the world, organizations begin to rethink and take up international assignment processes, aligned to a new business reality, ways of working, and particular talent needs, especially in sectors that demand specialized profiles, such as energy, mining and telecommunications, among others.

For the second year in a row, respondents in an expat survey ranked Mexico as the second-best destination for people living and working abroad.

Conducted by InterNations, which calls itself the world’s largest expat community, the seventh year  Inside Expert  The survey ranks only Taiwan as a more attractive destination than Mexico out of 59 countries.

In a report on the survey, which interviewed more than 12,000 expatriates, InterNations noted that Mexico was ranked as the best country for expatriates in the “Accommodation Facilities” index.

The organization said 85% of expats find it easy to settle in Mexico, 23% more than the world average, and 78% say it is easy to make local friends, 34% more than the world average.

The survey report noted that one expat from the United States said that “the culture and warmth of the local people” was what he liked most about living in Mexico.

In the different categories that contribute to “Ease of settling in”, Mexico ranked first in feeling at home and meeting friends, second in friendship and ninth in language or ease of communication.

Of the 59 countries included in the survey, Mexico ranked second in the “Personal Finance” index, fourth in the “Cost of living” index, 22nd in “Working abroad” and 31st in “Quality of life” ”.

Four out of five expats (80%) in Mexico are satisfied with their financial situation compared to a global average of 64%, InterNations said, while 90% said their disposable family income is enough or more than enough to cover their expenses. subsistence. 77% worldwide.

In the “Working Abroad” index, Mexico fell 33rd in the economy and job security category but ranked 10th in terms of career prospects and satisfaction and 20th in work and leisure.

In the “Quality of life” index, Mexico’s ranking of 51st in safety and protection, 42 in environmental quality, 37 in travel and transportation, and 34 in digital life ensured that it was not among the top countries.

When asked about safety, an Irish expat commented that he did not feel safe on the streets here. He was far from the only foreigner in Mexico with security concerns.

A fifth of expats in Mexico who responded said they were concerned about their personal safety, while the world average was 8%. Just over a quarter of expatriates, 27%, said they were dissatisfied with Mexico’s water and sanitation infrastructure, compared to 12% globally.

Mexico, however, ranked first in the category of personal happiness in the “Quality of life” index (89% of expats in Mexico said they are happy with their life in general) while it ranked second in leisure options.

More than nine out of ten expats from Mexico said they liked the weather, while the world average was significantly lower, at 66%.

InterNations also asked respondents about the impact of Covid-19 on expats’ lives, with just over half (53%) saying they were satisfied with official communications about the pandemic. However, the world average was 13 points higher, 66%.

Among the dissatisfied, 72% of those surveyed said that the information provided by the authorities was unclear, confusing or contradictory.

Mexico ranks among the top five destinations for expatriates from the first  Internal Expert  Survey was conducted in 2014. It also ranked second last year, while it ranked fourth in 2018-2019.


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