Sinaloa covid outbreak has people waiting hours to get oxygen or going out of state


* Increase in price of oxygen tanks

* People wait over 12 hours in line

This morning we could see the different problems to get an oxygen tank in local companies, who on the one hand have had increases in prices from one thousand to one thousand 200, while in the “resale” and for the urgency they can be purchased up to in six thousand pesos.

No ven fin a este infierno: La lucha por el oxígeno en Culiacán que agobia  a decenas de familias

Today it was found that there are people who have been queuing for 12 hours to get this precious input for the sick family member; other people come to Mazatlán from neighboring municipalities to obtain an oxygen tank.

In a company located in the Bonfil industrial park, the people who were standing in line rioted for a few minutes because an IMSS ambulance entered to take 30 tanks, which angered the people who already had more than ten hours of waiting and see that with the hand on the waist and in a few minutes the 30 containers were supplied to the ambulance of the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

Then, from the shouting, things calmed down by assuring the drivers and people who had been there since three in the morning that oxygen would be supplied.

Families travel to Nayarit in search of oxygen for Covid-19 patients

More than 100 thousand pesos in oxygen a family of El Rosario has had to spend to recover the health of their father

Family travels to Nayarit in search of oxygen for Covid-19 patients

A family from Agua Zarca, El Rosario suffers the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the father of this family nucleus becomes infected, which has led them to suffer critical days and remain in the fight against this disease.

Given the massive increase in Covid-19 infections in the municipalities of southern Sinaloa, the image of people carrying an oxygen tank on public roads or in a private vehicle is becoming more and more frequent.

During the morning of this Tuesday, a young woman and a man dragged five oxygen tanks, they took them out of a private medical area, they remained in a corner. Their faces reflected concern and anguish.

A reporter approaches these people, they related their experience, before the health emergency caused by Covid-19, which in this third wave of infections has affected their father, who has lived his life in the Sierra Rosarense.

We have had my father sick since Saturday, we live in Agua Zarca, in the Sierra de El Rosario and we are here in Escuinapa in a private clinic, we arrived since Saturday with my father very seriously ill, with a saturation of 79, so that it was urgent to get oxygen and since then it has been very difficult to buy them, ”said the young woman.

He commented that due to the shortage of oxygen in Escuinapa and El Rosario they had to invest in the purchase of 5 oxygen tanks, each one has a cost of 20 thousand pesos, instruments that have allowed to keep his family member alive

The rent of an oxygen tank per week costs 7 thousand pesos, and there is no one to supply them, so we decided to buy 5 tanks and we go in search of refilling them, to Mazatlán, but now we will go to Nayarit, in that In the state, there is oxygen and we play it safe ”, he said.

He indicated that each tank supplies them for 24 hours, so they have to be very aware of their supply.

Their stay in Escuinapa has been difficult, since they do not have any family members in this municipality, so they have had to rest on the outskirts of where their father remains, who after the great effort made by his family and medical attention has managed to maintain his oxygenation from 79 to 96.

The ordeal of getting oxygen in Mazatlán

Through social networks, users beg both the rent of the cylinder and of whoever supplies them with oxygen, since it has begun to become scarce with this third wave of Covid 19.

In desperation to save the lives of family and friends, hundreds of people flock to the established businesses where they supply medicinal oxygen in Mazatlán

People from the south of the state have come to that place a day before.

The ordeal of getting oxygen in Mazatlán

The problem that has arisen is that some people have begun to take advantage of the situation and the tanks that cost approximately 8 thousand pesos before the pandemic currently if they can be found for sale, come to about 25 thousand pesos.

Regulators, masks, and nasal cannulas have also started to become scarce .

The relatives of people who suffer from COVID at this time make a call to the health authorities and the oxygen supplier companies that in the face of this health emergency they can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week since they currently work on Mondays to Friday until 6 in the afternoon, noon on Saturdays and rest on Sundays.

Because there are patients cared for at home that the dose and flow of oxygen are high and they cannot wait even a few minutes without being connected to the oxygen tank.

Sinaloa goes to a red traffic light;  they return lines to get oxygen

Where do you request oxygen in Sinaloa?

On Emiliano Zapata Boulevard, one of the main roads in the city of CuliacánSinaloa, this Monday, the day this entity turned red at the Federal Epidemiological Traffic Light, a long line of motorists was observed waiting to be treated in a company that rents oxygen equipment.

Before 7:00 a.m., dozens and dozens of people began to arrive at this place to form in a long line, hoping to rent a tankequipment that is becoming scarce due to the high demand of people who, out of fear of being attended to in hospitals, prefer to receive treatment at home.

The rent of an oxygen tank in the capital of Sinaloa exceeds 3,000 pesos; recharging a 425-liter tank for 200 pesos, and those for 3,100 liters, for 688 pesos.

Largas filas por oxígeno no cesan en Culiacán

Fearing an oxygen shortage, most people who come to this establishment choose to rent or refill up to two tanks.

Last Sunday, 653 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were reported in Sinaloa, with Culiacán being the municipality with the highest incidence with 390, followed by Mazatlán with 90 cases.

  • 4,383 active patients were reported, 39,370 recovered and 18 new deaths.

During the entire pandemic50,396 cases of COVID-19 have been registered and as of Sunday, there was 100% of hospital occupancy in at least 5 hospitals.

  • 39,370 people have been recovered, 6,643 deaths and 837 suspected cases.


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