Due to Covid-19, Canaco Mazatlán demands first-class health services


Both employers and workers, through their taxes, pay for this service, that is, it is not free, and it is not first-class either, argues Canaco’s secretary-general.

Mazatlán, Sin.- Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, secretary-general of the National Chamber of Commerce in Mazatlán, pointed out that they require the health authorities of the three levels of government to provide first-rate service and care after accumulating several complaints from their collaborators. , who are beneficiaries of the IMSS.

“We are going to demand from the health authority, because we already had a year for them to also learn the treatment and care of the Covid-19 pandemic and we are seeing very saturated hospitals throughout Sinaloa, not just in Mazatlán, we are seeing that some do not even have medication, “he said.

He argued that both employers and workers, through their taxes, pay for this service, that is, it is not free and the care they receive is not up to par.

We as an employer are paying service and attention, it is not a first-class service, but they do charge us and they charge the workers, the beneficiaries, and their families, it is not a free service, that we are going to demand from the authority, that part that we are on par, “he argued.

He added that the media has seen how workers when they go and request attention for Covid-19 or are going to take the test, attention is due.

“We are doing our thing as a private initiative, we ensure that the government does its part. We ensure that both the ISSSTE and the IMSS have special attention, we already have more than a year with this problem of the pandemic in this third wave, we need the health institutions to be at the height of the needs of the Sinaloan families, “he added.

Finally, he mentioned that a few days ago they held a meeting with state health advisers, where they already raised the situation and will replicate the same request at the federal level.

“We have to continue making the protocols, carry them out, this is a commitment of all, family, businessmen, government,” he added.

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