Sinaloa exceeds 50 thousand cases of Covid infections


The deaths during this month are unstoppable, today 18 patients died

In Sinaloa this Sunday the Covid-19 exceeded 50 thousand cases of infections, with a total of 50 thousand 396 people who have been infected in the 507 days that the first case was detected in the state, they have been recovered 39,370 patients.

Likewise, deaths from Covid-19 are unstoppable in the state, when registering this Sunday 18, of them, ten are under 50 years old, among which is a 29-year-old and there are 653 infections. 6,643 people have died in the pandemic so far .

n the update # Covid19 that the State Health Secretariat reports daily, it is detailed that there are 4,386 active patients of them, 2,198 correspond to Culiacán, 542 to Mazatlán, 502 are in Ahome, 205 in Escuinapa.

Also 184 active patients correspond to Elota, 137 to El Rosario, 129 to Guasave and 90 to San Ignacio, 64 to Salvador Alvarado, 62 to El Fuerte, 26 to Angostura, 18 to Cosalá, 13 to Mocorito, ten to Choix, eight to Sinaloa and five to Concordia.

Of the new cases detected this Sunday, 390 correspond to Culiacán, 92 to Mazatlán, 60 to Ahome, 38 to Escuinapa, 23 to Guasave, in San Ignacio 20, in Navolato ten, in Rosario eight, Elota five, Badiraguato three, Mocorito two and Choix two.

Of the 18 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours, nine are from Culiacán, five from Mazatlán, and one in these municipalities: Escuinapa, Ahome, El Fuerte, and Sinaloa.

As of this Monday, the epidemiological traffic light in force throughout the state will be red, likewise, the health sector ensures that only 40 percent of Covid-19 beds are occupied.


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