Vaccination against Covid “hits” garbage collection in Mazatlán


Due to the fact that employees have to rest, the routes have not been covered 100%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The application of the coronavirus vaccine in Mazatlán has impacted the garbage collection service, revealed Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga, director of Public Services.

He said that they have been affected since when workers are going to be vaccinated they have to rest, in case there is any kind of reaction, and in the absence of personnel, they have not covered 100% of all routes.

Due to the absence of personnel, not all routes have been covered 100%. 

“We have been diminished because the workers have gone to get vaccinated and have to rest, attending that part responsibly, we have had a lot of lack of assistance and we have had complications,” he revealed.

The most affected department, he added, is Urban Cleaning, out of 389 workers, approximately 15 have been absent a day or more, especially in vaccination for 40 and 30 years.

There are around five routes that have been affected, additional crews have also stopped being sent, so sometimes they have to work in the afternoon as well.

“The lack of personnel has been notable, we are talking about 15 to 20 people, fortunately not all go on the same day. The recommendation is three days off, we give them the day they are going to be vaccinated and it depends on how they evolve if they feel We badly support with that, “he added.

Morales Lizárraga added that all his collection personnel have been provided with supplies such as gloves and face masks to take care of the contagion, although it is up to each person whether they decide to use them or not, since they cannot be watching them all day.

He also called on the public that if someone throws medical waste, such as syringes, face masks, or any item that has been in contact with the virus, mark it with a red or orange strip, spray it with chlorine so that workers are cautious and they can distinguish it from the rest of the garbage.


The Mazatlan Post