National Beach Fishing Championship changes venues from Sonora to Mazatlan


National Federation of Sport Fishing confirms that, ‘due to sanitary restrictions’, Sonora was unable to organize the tournament and gave it to Sinaloa

Sonora announced that it was unable to finally organize the third National Beach Fishing Championship due to sanitary restrictions and handed over the courier to Mazatlán, which already had it in its hands in 2019.

The National Federation of Sport Fishing reported the change of headquarters through its social networks, where it aired that the damage caused by the health contingency truncated, in the end, the plans of the Sonoran Association to launch the event scheduled from the beginning of the present year and for which he already had an advanced organization.

Originally, the federated competition would be held in San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, but, after ‘the change of venue’, it will now be on Oceanica beach, in Escopama (Mazatlán ), the official headquarters on September 11 and 12.

‘ The third National Beach Championship 2021, which will be held on September 11, has a change of venue. from Sonora to the state of Sinaloa. We are waiting for you in Mazatlán, on the Oceanic beach, at the foot of the Diamond Bay hotel, where it will be the venue for the opening and award-closing ceremony, ‘ the Federation announced in its post


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