Nothing stops them! Highway tourists continue to arrive in Mazatlán for vacations


Ricardo Picos Quintero, the coordinator of Ángeles Verdes, reported that the influx varies depending on the day of the week and reaches up to 40 percent of arrivals by road.

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With the beginning of the summer vacation period and despite the active cases of coronavirus and its delta variant, dozens of vehicles enter Mazatlán daily through the different roads that lead to the destination, said José Ricardo Picos Quintero.

Llegan a Mazatlán más visitantes por vía carretera

The coordinator of Ángeles Verdes in southern Sinaloa mentioned that on the highways they perceive the influx of license plates from entities mainly from the northern economic corridor, but also from other entities such as Yucatán.

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“The days are variable, but we do get between twenty, forty or thirty percent, it goes up and down, but the maximum if we have up to forty percent in terms of the movement of vehicular traffic in terms of road.”

Carreteras Mazatlán-Durango

I mention that the recommendations are to review the conditions of the vehicle to avoid any damage to both the engine and the tires, although he asserted that it is also important to assess the health of the drivers because accidents have been caused by people who suffer heart attacks

In the number of accidents so far this holiday period, he mentioned that it is on the Mazatlán-Culiacán highway where the most mishaps have been recorded, since the reports of the road from Villa Unión to the Baluarte, in the Mazatlán-Durango, show zero eventualities to date.


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