Relaxation in the face of Covid-19 affects young people and children in Mazatlán


Infections decrease in older adults but increase in young people and minors

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – In Mazatlan, the 70% of cases of Covid treated by the private sector in the last month, are young people and children, while other, older adults, said Dr. Hector Velasco Serrano, an internist at the hospital Sharp and a member of the Municipal Health Commission.

“There have been many young people, most of those who have come are young people, even children, more than anything children and young people are the ones who are getting infected, they are between 30% of adults and 70% of young people and children,” he said..

He said that this is due to the fact that the majority of the elderly are already vaccinated, but it also indicates that there has been a relaxation on the part of young people.

He commented that by immunizing the elderly, morbidity or the number of infected people has fallen in clinics and hospitals in the private sector, as well as mortality, since the infected patients are now mostly young people and children.

He said that until last week between 1 and 2 cases were treated a day, but that as of this Monday there have been no Covid patients or in consultation, hospitalization or CT scans.

“There have been consultations, but the number is not very high and those who came, fortunately arrived on time and they did well, the mortality or morbidity did not increase, since yesterday and today there have been no patients in consultation, those who come are young people and children, and fortunately young people are doing better, that is why there has not been much morbidity and mortality due to being young people and children ” , he pointed out.

Regarding the announcement of reinforcing preventive measures starting this week, by the municipal authorities and the health sector, in Mazatlán, he said that these must include the mandatory use of mask in closed places and in public transport, as well as keep a healthy distance and avoid crowds.

As long as 70% of the population is not immunized, he added, the health protocols against Covid-19 must be maintained and abided by for the good of all.

“It is the same, we do not have to lower our guard, just as before, we must avoid crowds, that there are not many people in the same place; in closed places, the obligatory use of the mask, the antibacterial gel, we have to continue doing the same, as long as 70% of the population is not vaccinated, we have to continue doing the same and even when 70% of the population is vaccinated, we have to continue taking care of us, “he said.

Velasco Serrano said that there have also no longer been infections among health personnel, because all nurses and doctors with direct or indirect contact with people sick with Covid have the vaccine.


70% of the patients treated with SAR-Cov-2 in hospitals and private clinics are infected young people and children.


Between 1 and 2 Covid cases a day were treated in the last month by the private sector of Mazatlán.


In the last week, Mazatlán reports an average of 24.1 new cases per day and more than 101 active patients, according to the Sinaloa Health Services platform.


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