Mazatlan tourists suffer discomfort from beautification work; ‘Still, it’s very nice’


In Mazatlan, Gaviotas Avenue, one of the most important in the Golden Zone, is being remodeled, so the work represents a certain discomfort for tourists; even so, Mazatlán is very beautiful, they say.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Traveling along Gaviotas Avenue, in the heart of the Golden Zone, has become a true odyssey for tourists and locals as they have to overcome the discomforts generated by the beautification work of one of the most emblematic tourist sectors of Mazatlán.

There are dozens of people who travel this important street on a daily basis either to contemplate the attractions that are out there or, Mazatlecos who go to their work area, taking into account that it is where a good part of the hotel industry is concentrated. port.

Virgilio Aguilar, a tourist from Durango, commented that despite the inconvenience that these jobs generate for them, they feel comfortable vacationing in this beach destination since by going all over it, it compensates for the discomfort.

“We are staying in a hotel in this area, but it is only a matter of leaving here a little, and then we see how beautiful Mazatlán has, besides that finishing these works will be even more beautiful,” he added.

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Carina de los Santos, a visitor from Guaymas, Sonora, made her first visit to Mazatlán and despite the fact that these works are being carried out, she does not see a major problem, since in all places this type of discomfort has to be presented, when it comes to improve the image of something.

“Mazatlán itself is very beautiful and we agree that it be more beautiful, even if this type of discomfort occurs, but in itself, I do not see a major problem, it is just a matter of leaving the place where the jobs and everything else is beautiful, “he said.


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