Mazatlan road and transport authorities going after covid protocol violators


The subdelegate for Roads and Transportation in Mazatlán, José Vallejo, points out that to stop Covid infections in public transport in June, more than one hundred infractions have been applied to lung drivers, aurigas and urban truck drivers for not respecting the measures of healthy distance.

The official called on users to be aware of the Covid 19 crisis, because “nobody wants to take radical measures.

He specified that starting this week it is expected that urban passenger units will stick some stickers to make the user population aware of the use of face masks and antibacterial gel when getting on the trucks; Likewise, the telephones so that the driver is reported in case he does not bring his respective face mask. He added that this measure was made in agreement with the truckers’ alliances.

José Vallejo clarified that lung drivers should not carry more than four passengers and aurigas no more than eight people. In trucks, drivers must wear their face masks and so do passengers, although many users are very reticent.

He said that the population must be aware that we must all take care of ourselves, that the recommendations and measures are for everyone not only for the drivers or drivers of the vehicles. “Nobody wants to take radical measures


The Mazatlan Post