Mazatlán’s Red Ecotaxis looking for female drivers


* New and flexible conditions
* Rental of permits to concessionaires

Alfredo Figueroa, interim leader of the Ecotaxis Rojos Union, says that hiring women as drivers in this organization because they are more formal, there is also the opportunity for men who have work needs. In fact, we already have women at the helm operating the units.

Ecotaxis rojos han sido víctimas de asaltos en lo que va del mes - Que pasa  en Mazatlán

In the interview he added that in other union directives fees were very high and now we seek to support the economy of the people with the rent of permits at low prices.

Figueroa also acknowledged that the red taxi union is going through very difficult times because “we don’t have drivers; I tell all Mazatlecos, men and women to come here with us and we are going to shake hands with them; We are going to let them work and earn some money for the family and pay the fee; the high quotas are going to end”.

Also to owners of taxi rental vehicle he pointed out that they bring “very good projects for the entire Mazatlan population in the union and also for the associates; people can rent permits in very flexible situations; We do not want the permit holder to have the license stopped and stop receiving a livelihood for his family and the person who comes to rent, will at an accessible and moderate price

Very convinced of the new dynamics within Ecotaxis Rojos, Figueroa reiterated that the new administration thinks about supporting those who honestly want to work and at the same time in the concessionaire that is here, inside; “We want to help people and obeying their will.”

He explained that to rent a permit an agreement is made with the licensee or owner of the permit and the rent varies; In other administrations, it was necessary to give both to the board and the same to the concessionaire, now the agreement will be with the owner of the plates, said Figueroa.


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