Mazatlan hoteliers ask for a law to regulate vacation rentals in Sinaloa


They assure that they do not seek to be the only option in accommodation, but that the safety of tourists must be guaranteed

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the increase in properties for vacation rentals in Mazatlánhoteliers urge a regulation that provides security for all tourists.

The director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, Julio Birrueta, said that they do not intend to be the only lodging option, but that the rent of condominiums, apartments and houses must be up to par.

“There will always be competition, that there are more options than good, but what matters is the reputation of the destination and security in all areas for the tourist, such as having insurance coverage for the tourist, registration of legal consequences of not compliance, regulation of Civil Protection in swimming pools, benefits by law for workers and that we all pay taxes, “he said.

He commented that the hotel associations have already proposed to the deputies, mayor and governor-elect a new law to regulate the vacation rental of houses and apartments.

“We are very confident that this proposal will prosper, we are supporting it and everything is for the good of tourism, to prevent everything from continuing to grow anarchically,” he said.

He pointed out that currently there are many people who leave their homes to rent them and that is fine, but what they want is to do it through regulation, because establishments such as hotels have a series of regulations that they have to follow so that the tourist can stay overnight safely.

According to the Tres Islas Hotel Association, Mazatlán currently has more than 13 thousand hotel rooms, plus three thousand condominiums for rent on the coastal strip.


The Mazatlan Post