Construction of condo tower on Paseo del Centenario in Mazatlan will resume


The work will continue despite the disagreements of the neighbors

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – After being detained for three months, this weekend they resumed construction work on a six-level condominium tower in Cerro del Vigía, despite the disagreement that exists among residents of the area.

Jorge Estavillo Kelly, Planning Director, explained that a new feasibility study was carried out, the third, which determined that there will be no problems for the inhabitants of the sector.

He even affirmed that this work will reinforce the slopes of the hill so that it no longer has the breakdowns that it presents during the rainy season.

He clarified that this project was not authorized by the current administration, but as the permits are already in place, it will be required that all the requirements are met to guarantee the safety of the neighbors.

He added that there are properties that have cadastral keys and deeds that are in the same situation as this construction of the Paseo del Centenario, so to avoid future problems, construction permits will no longer be issued there.

” They have already applied for many building permits on land that is pure stone, where in order to build, you have to practically make a cave inside the stone, which is ultimately illogical.”

In April, the work was suspended due to a request from a judge, accompanied by a study that was carried out, which explained that there could be serious damage to houses in the area.

As a precautionary measure, the management requested another opinion. And when the results of this new analysis were released, it was determined that the work could continue.


The Mazatlan Post