Mazatlan Ecotaxis Rojos union leader asked to leave for extorting up to 65,000 pesos from its members


* Arnoldo is no longer the leader of Ecotaxis

* There will be elections for a new leader

Arnoldo Bouciéguez Lizárraga is no longer the leader of the Ecotaxis Rojos union; He was dismissed on June 14 for a “series of disagreements by the majority of the workers and for extorting up to 65,000 pesos from its members; Nobody could bear it and put up with it after 18 years of being on the board, ”said Alfredo Figueroa, interim leader, who will shortly call elections so that the people elect a general secretary who is honest and responsible to the workers.

In the interview, Figueroa reiterated that the partners were already crying out for him to “leave; He does not want to go, he has not delivered and most of the partners have already signed so that he is not the head of a board of directors due to a series of circumstances that happened within the union”.

Es ilegal la toma de directiva en Ecotaxis Rojos: Bouciéguez

For example, if a working partner after 35 years of service comes the time to have a permit from the state government, “this man charged them between 60 and 65 thousand pesos as a fee to give them that permit. How can it be possible that a person who spent so much time behind the wheel has to pay such a high amount when the profits of a taxi driver is very low”.

Figueroa says that Boucieguez “violated the union law of the Statutes; the partners appointed an interim leader and we are going to call elections and we are not going to impose ourselves; we are going to do things differently … “

He said that he has refused to hand over the union, but the partners have stopped all the paperwork. Finally, he indicated that for the elections there will be lists and that he will participate in one of them but that the partners decide who they want as a new leader


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