Mazatlan’s Toledo Corro Family intends to take over the Lions Club; members denounce


The building located between Avenida Insurgentes and Reforma, in the Tellerías subdivision, could be converted into a tower with apartments

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Members of the Mazatlán AC Lions Club, denounced this morning that the Toledo Corro family, through some former partners, intends to appropriate the property to supposedly build a tower with apartments.

The building is located between Avenida Insurgentes and Reforma, in the Tellerías subdivision.

At a press conference, Juan Manuel Beltrán Velarde, president of the organization, reported that they went to the corresponding authorities to file a lawsuit against some former mutual members for incurring in various administrative and financial misconduct.

“This lawsuit goes against the former partners, Víctor Manuel Brambila Ibarra, Sergio Rochín Trujillo, Arturo Martínez Sandoval and the current district governor, Gabriel Jiménez Vargas. Taking advantage of the platform that our institution has, they have benefited to climb personally and politically and have made agreements with the Toledo Corros, so that in the next lion’s year they sell this institution, ”he assured.


Beltrán Velarde said that the aforementioned have had talks with entrepreneurs of Escuinapa origin to sell them the property, throwing away the 77 years of history and altruism of the club, forgetting all that sensitivity that is bridged to people who have less.

“Due to the personal intention of a few people, the club can be sold and the intention of Toledo Corro is to build a condominium building in this area. So, we are going to see in the next few days how the process advances because the people who intend to sell it were expelled since last April 6 of this year and have incurred many faults before this institution, ”he insisted.

For his part, Arturo Rocha Peralta, secretary of the club, made a call to the Mazatlan society so that you are aware of the situation for which it is mischievous, especially because the intention of the complainants is that the property continues to serve those most in need.

Who is the Toledo Family

They are owners of the Venados de Mazatlán, a team of the Mexican Pacific League; They recently expanded their presence in sports by having boxing and basketball academies.

Owners of the Venados de Mazatlán, a family related to the politics and business spheres of Sinaloa and recently with a foray into other sports. This is the Toledo family, which is shaping up to acquire Puebla and move it to Mazatlán, to give the port of Sinaloa a First Division team.

Who are the Toledo? Family that could acquire Puebla

The Toledo family is one of the most economically powerful in Mazatlán and they became famous in politics when Antonio Toledo Corro was elected as governor of Sinaloa, from 1981 to 1986. When his term ended, he dedicated himself to business, including tourist developments, and allowed that several of his children also entered these spheres. They were dedicated to the branch of livestock and agriculture.

In 2015, the Toledo family acquired Los Venados de Mazatlán, a team from the Mexican Pacific League, from the Corona brewery, and it was José Antonio Toledo Pinto, one of Toledo Corro’s sons, who took over the presidency of the organization. Since then, the Deer have taken center stage in the LMP. They won the title in the 2015-2016 season and snapped a six-year streak without winning the title.

Toledo Pinto could be part of the new directive of the team. He has a background in sports and business. With him as president of the baseball team, he promoted the remodeling of the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, which was chosen to host the 2020 Caribbean Series.

They also expanded their presence in sports businesses to boxing and basketball, disciplines in which they created academies, all under the brand name “Venados”, the same name by which Puebla would be renamed.


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