Mazatlan sumps ready to prevent flooding in tourist zones


The 8 sumps are ready to pump the rainwater this rainy season, says director of Public Works

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- On this rainy season to start, will be put into operation in August sumps re – pumping of rainwater that were built with an investment of 35 million pesos last year, which will vent the rainwater and mitigate the floods in the Golden Zone, said the director of municipal Public Works, architect Daniel Tirado Zamudio.

He said that this week the missing carcamo was ready and that the electrical connection was pending, at the height of the Gaviotas neighborhood, in that urban sector.

With the operation of 8 ponds in the Golden Zone, the aim is to vent and reduce the water pressure during the rains starting this season. 

“The 8 sumps would already be operating at 100% in this rainy season, it is going to be the first rainy season that we have with that infrastructure of the pumping stations; The studies and the project show that the floods in the Golden Zone should already be mitigated with the gullies, where the water level rose a lot, but this should be avoided ”, he said.

These lift stations are designed so that the water depth does not rise as it did every time it rained heavily, mainly in the area where the Conapesca offices are located, where the water level rose from 60 to 70 centimeters.

The rainwater pumping stations are located at Gabriel Ruiz Avenue, Chile’s Pepper (Atún Street), Panama Zona Dorada, Camino al Mar, Farmacia Moderna Quijote, El Cid, Quijote Inn and Ibis Street.

Of these, the only sump or drain that was already operating was that of Quijote Inn, but it did so with a single pump. Two additional pumps were placed at that site.

“There are 8 carcamos that will already operate from this rainy season, the electrification of one was pending at the height of the Gaviotas neighborhood, but they already informed me that that one was already ready,” he said.

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Tirado Zamudio indicated that with the operation of these 8 pumping stations the water level in Camarón-Sábalo avenue will no longer reach the height that it presented in the heavy rains of each season, but that the level will decrease and the discharge will be faster.


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