Actions against dengue are reinforced in southern Sinaloa


They confirm 9 cases in the municipalities of Mazatlán, Elota and Concordia

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To prevent a dengue outbreak during the rainy season that is about to start, the Ministry of Health, through the Vectors and Zoonoses staff, reinforced the larval control and fumigation work at high-risk points of proliferation of the vector fly, informed the head of Sanitary Jurisdiction V , Andrés Siddartha Hindú.

He assured that to date there is a report of 9 confirmed cases in the municipalities of Mazatlán, Elota and Concordia, of which 7 have been diagnosed with alarm signs and 2 not serious.

He said that this week they are working with larval control actions in the Center of Mazatlán and in the La Reforma, Montuosa, Sinaloa and El Conchi II colonies.

He said that actions are carried out with 6 brigades and 37 elements of Vectors, who have visited an average of 8 thousand houses, of these, around 5 thousand have been carried out actions of abatement and larval control.

To date, he added, 918 tons of hatcheries have been eliminated in sanitary jurisdiction V, of which 29 tons are from Elota, 13 tons from San Ignacio, 86 tons from Concordia and 790 from Mazatlán.

“So far this year we do not have any serious dengue in what corresponds to this health jurisdiction, the last suspected cases of dengue reported in Mazatlán was on May 24; In all cases, pertinent actions have been taken and we reinforce the actions because we are going to enter the rainy season in the municipality, ” he said.

Andrés Siddartha called on the population to join the work to eliminate breeding sites for the vector fly carried out by the Department of Vectors and Zoonoses, and that when the collection truck passes, remove everything that is not used and is in the backyards of the houses and that can serve as water containers, the main source for the development of the eggs and the Aedes Aegyti fly.

He said that they also work with health promotion in the visits made to homes, with personnel from the Patio Limpio and elements of Vectors, who ask the population to keep the yards clean of pots and mosquito breeding sites.


The Mazatlan Post