Mazatlan Bishop Rejects Equal Marriage in Sinaloa


All the religions of all the continents of the world are for the marriage between a man and a woman not between people of the same sex; Our Judeo-Christian religion is for the realization of a marriage alliance between man and woman, with the task of loving each other, helping each other for the good of propagating the human species, said the Bishop of Mazatlán, Mario Espinosa Contreras.

He added that this is the doctrine for the vast majority of human beings and our church continues in the same way. However, he said that a boy or a girl who comes from a homosexual couple can be baptized.

The high priest avoided talking about the deputies absent from the session on Tuesday where equal marriage between people of the same sex was approved. “We respect the autonomy of the Three Powers, although in recent years there has been a decrease in that autonomy; the rule of law is based on the autonomy of each one and there is no interference between the three ”, he added.

Asked whether the church is not racist in not accepting such marriages, he said that “no person is despised, no one is rejected; we respect all people; the church respects and safeguards human dignity; We are not going to attack anyone for what they think, live, feel, but as a doctrine if we are defined and if we invite everyone to be consistent with our principles and our doctrines ”.

Faced with the repeated question, Bishop Espinosa Contreras also insisted that the sacrament of marriage is between a man and a woman, it has always been and will continue to do so. This is how the human species arises.


The Mazatlan Post