Mazatlan civil protection and Patronato del Faro agree on security measures for reopening


They highlight a recovery point and medical attention, the placement of some railings and informative and restrictive signs.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, Civil Protection Coordinator, said he hopes that the recommendations will be addressed shortly

For the reopening of the Mazatlán Lighthouse to the public, the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination, through its head, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, issued a series of measures to be implemented, including a recovery point and medical attention, the placement of some railings, and informational and restrictive signs.

After touring the Mazatlán Lighthouse, with its 1.2-kilometer ascent, 746 meters of ramp, and 336 steps, the official highlighted the good availability on the part of the Administration Board to meet the recommendations and said that it seeks to guarantee the safety of walkers and athletes who come to this recreational place.

“They are going to set up a recovery and medical attention area shortly before starting the flight of stairs, perhaps it will be at the average height of the entire journey; In that recovery area they will have the basic equipment necessary for emergency medical care, speaking of a paramedic who will be there commissioned; It will have a first-aid kit with all the necessary supplies, an oxygen tank for when quick, urgent attention is required for that person who feels bad and, above all, that it is also a point of rest and hydration for everyone.

They are going to increase the number of informative signs that they have throughout the journey, they are going to place a series of restrictive signs also in certain viewpoints, where we ask the visitor not to approach that area because it is considered risky or dangerous. 

Let us remember that we carry the stress of the physical exhaustion that we bring, and if we get too close to an area or a viewpoint at the top, we can fade or suffer a decompensation. That can generate a problem for us, perhaps a fall ”, mentioned the Civil Protection Coordinator.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum also said that the regulation should be given greater dissemination, and the restrictions to which all visitors to the Mazatlán Lighthouse are subject.

He added that no times were established for compliance with the main indications, but that he hopes it will be in the next few days, since, until then, the place must remain closed to the general public.


The Mazatlan Post