Humid and suffocating! Weather conditions forecast for Sinaloa this Wednesday


Between hopes of showers and extreme heat, the weather conditions for the state are oscillating, so take your precautions and check all the details here

Sinaloa.- Today, Wednesday, June 16, the prevailing weather conditions that are forecast in the state of Sinaloa suggest the arrival of a lot of humidity and heat in some areas and the possibility of showers in others.

These intervals of showers (5.1 to 25.0 mm) are expected in Sinaloa, and there is also the possibility of thunderstorms and hail fall.

The weather warning indicates that:

The rains could be accompanied by electric shocks, strong winds and possible hail fall, in addition to increasing the levels of rivers and streams, landslides and floods in low areas of land. 

The formation of a tropical cyclone is also expected that advances through the Pacific but is still being observed and very far from the coast of Sinaloa.

Choix: 30 minimum / 39 maximum- clear 
El Fuerte: 33 / 39- clear 
Rosario: 26 / 34- clear
Sinaloa municipality: 29/39 – clear
Guasave: 30 / 36- clear
Ahome: 31 / 34- clear
Badiraguato: 25 / 37 -nublado
Culiacán: 26/36 – partly cloudy
Concordia: 2/35 partly cloudy 
Escuinapa: 27 / 34- partly cloudy 
Mazatlán: 27 / 34- clear  
Navolato: 27 / 33- partly cloudy 

Today the duration of the day will be 13 hours and 44 minutes; sunrise was at 6:21 am and sunset will be at 8:06 pm; the last rays of the sun are expected at 8:31 p.m. 

Photo 1: Duration of the day in Sinaloa June 16, 2021 

The service forecasts suffocating humid heat today in most of the Sinaloan territory; It forecasts minimum temperatures of 25 degrees and maximum temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius.

* Photo 2: weather forecast for Sinaloa today June 16, 2021.

Photo 3: Temperatures predicted by The Weather Channel for the main towns and cities of Sinaloa

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