Due to noise pollution from Aurigas, Pulmonias, and Razors, Mazatlecos start a campaign for regulation


The port of Mazatlán has no regulations that prohibit loud music in aurigas and pulmonias

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In the center of the city and residential areas there are posters that ask to regulate the volume of public transport, but the latter have ignored it.

The annoyance has spread to demonstrations, and even foreigners who chose to come to Mazatlán to relax, no longer do so because of the noisy destination that the port has become.

Given this, the head of Ecology and Environment of Mazatlán, Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, mentioned with reference to the bad image that the auditory contamination of pulmonias and aurigas give tourists, that there is no regulation that prohibits such alteration to public order.

Considered an important lag in terms of ecology and public order, Sanjuán Gallardo clarified that the Ecology department only regulates noise from businesses, ruling out noise caused in private homes and vehicles, such as aurigas and pulmonias that travel with an excessive level of music

“The noise that we regulate is that of businesses, not that of private houses, and in the case of aurigas and pulmonias, it is really very difficult for us to get into this issue because pulmonias are in motion and people cannot see what pulmonia is it, what number is it, they don’t want to make file a complaint, “she said.

She mentioned that in addition to how complicated it is to obtain the data of the vehicle that alters public order since it is in motion, there is no section of the police, traffic and ecology regulations, the prohibition of the use of music at excessive levels in vehicles.

“I want to tell you that there is no municipal or state regulation that forces charioteers and pulmonia to turn down their music or prevent them from bringing devices of this size in their vehicles,” reported Sanjuán Gallardo.

The noise coming from the exhaust engine is contemplated but not specifically from the noise of the music, that is an impediment that we have,” she added.

She commented that it is important that Municipal Transit and councilors of the Mazatlán City Council work together with the intention of attacking the problem that is permeated in the visit of tourists to the port.

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