Sinaloa deputies who vote against gay marriages will be sanctioned


The same notification that reached the Sinaloa Congress establishes sanction measures against deputies , said the legal officer Eduardo Ramírez Patiño

Sinaloa.-  The deputies who cast their vote against of the writ that aims to reform Articles 40 and 165 of the Civil Code of Sinaloa for equal marriage in Sinaloa are placed at risk of being punished with monetary fine and even with the disqualification of their position, said Eduardo Ramírez Patiño.

The legal representative of the Sinaloa Congress explained that in the same notification that reached the Legislative Power last Thursday, the district court warns that a fine of up to 100 units of Measurement and update will be imposed and the file will be sent to the circuit court that or the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

“And this can culminate with the separation of course and its consignment, then here it comes, we would say the maximum penalty that is established here, which is to separate the legislator from the position of the legislator and, where appropriate, his consignment,” he said.

He explained that the jurisdictional bodies to which it is channeled will be in charge of issuing a ruling for the non-execution of sentence against the deputies who do not comply with the resolution that is in Congress, which is in response to the protection promoted by the LGBT + community to As of June 18, 2019, the ruling that proposed legal unions between people of the same sex was rejected.


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