An increase in Covid cases in Mazatlán does not affect economic activity


It has not been necessary to apply restrictions, the capacity in the hotels continues 85% and the restaurants 65%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Despite the slight increase in Covid-19 cases that Mazatlán has reported in recent days, there is no risk of partially reducing some economic sectors, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, Luis Terán Tirado.

He trusted that it will not be necessary to apply restrictions in the port due to the number of patients who have registered with the disease, but the population has to take care of itself and continue with the application of health protocols.

Every weekend tourism does not stop arriving in Mazatlán

He stated that the hotel sector is allowed occupancy of 85% of its capacity and restaurants 65%, but due to the slight increase in reported Covid cases, some preventive actions will have to be taken.

“We hope that with the enhancement that we had from Covid-19 it will not affect Mazatlán and those restrictions do not have to be applied, but that cases will go down and we will not have to take other types of measures,” he said.

He anticipated that they would have to resume the same from the beginning of Covid-19, to prevent contagions from spreading and even less Mazatlán, which is an eminent tourist destination and many people pass through the port.

Terán Tirado added that the tourist activities of the port are increasing as the summer period approaches, therefore, the sanitary protocols must be kept active.

“We hope that a lot of tourism will arrive in the summer holidays, for them the importance of service providers and society, in general, continue to comply with the protocols,” he concluded.


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