Businesses closed in Mazatlán decrease


Of 20% of businesses that lowered curtains in 2020, so far in 2021 there is 16%

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The reactivation of the tourism sector has allowed other sectors to benefit from the activity; However, there are still many establishments that have not been able to open more than a year after having closed their doors due to the coronavirus issue.

And despite this panorama, which is still very uncertain, the percentage of closed businesses has decreased by 4% this year 2021, said Roberto Lem González, president of the Sinaloa Sur National Chamber of Commerce.

At the beginning of the year, Canaco estimated a thousand business closings, between large and small companies; the sectors that were most affected were shopping malls, above all because they could no longer continue to pay the rent for the premises.

“There are still sectors that have not been favored, there are some turns, in the case of trade in the tourism sector, right now it has benefited and some other turns that are favored with it, ” said Lem González.

Of 20% of closed businesses that they handled in 2020, he added, in this 2021 there is talk of a reduction to 16%.

” From the 20% that we brought, right now the recovery in 2021 has been reducing, we have already seen it and now we bring about 16%. Of the businesses that closed when the pandemic began, there are some that still remain closed, others that have gone opening gradually and we are hoping that the flow of tourist activities can permeate more sectors of the port, “he added.

He added that the reintegration or access to older adults and infants in the capacity allowed in the establishments is another factor that has also been favorable and it is expected that with the return to face-to-face classes, more shops will be able to open.

“They have already been recovering, what we hope is that they can open more when classes begin to be face-to-face, ” he added.

Currently there are 13 thousand businesses of different lines affiliated with Canaco in the southern zone.


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