The best Tortas Ahogadas in the northwest! Like those in Guadalajara? NO, they are better!


They are made with the best ingredients from Sinaloa; the chili and tomato are delicious if you don’t know them, you have to go to Las Ahogadas!

The restlessness and entrepreneurial spirit of a young man who set about establishing an innovative restaurant with a unique seasoning were born the Tortas Ahogadas, yes from the delicious drowned very typical of Guadalajara, but enriched with the Sinaloan flavor.

The Las Ahogadas Restaurant can not be missed, it is right in front of the Church of Fátima, on Ignacio Ramírez corner with Ángel Flores, where the flavor and the attention are more than guaranteed.

And how could they not be better than the land of Guadalajara if the best products are in Sinaloa; Thanks to this, Las Ahogadas has two types of sauces; La Brava Salsa Brava and “Para Machos”.

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Also, they are not skinny tortas, they are made with abundant meat and enough cream, as they should be! And as if that were not enough and so that after the torta the main dish arrives, Las Ahogadas, they also have a service of golden curd, potato or bean tacos and you can accompany them with carne or pancita.

The objective of preparing the drowned cakes is the great acceptance that this product has in Guadalajara and now Los Mochis, which has it within reach of the whim of the most demanding palates; also in an excellent place, spacious, clean, and fresh.

Since the opening of Las Ahogadas, the acceptance has been unanimous and today it is the meeting place with friends and family, who get together to try the golden tacos and drowned cakes; this is a family restaurant and the best place to spend the afternoons and spend the best moments.

So don’t forget, don’t leave it for later, after the coffee gets cold, then the day turns to night, go and try the Tacos and Tortas Ahogadas, sure, your satisfaction will be complete.

Open every day from 8am to 4pm. We rest on Tuesdays.

Home Service 6681 73 11 11

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